Car Keys Cutting Service in Athlone

We can precisely and quickly repair almost any car key or get a replacement for you quickly and at the best price around.

Your Professional Car Keys Expert in Athlone

At Athlone Locksmith, we have the technology and electronic expertise to replace broken, stolen or lost car keys. We can cut car keys to code and program car keys to work with your vehicle.

We are fully equipped to deliver your replacement car keys within hours. We can also send a fully trained auto locksmith to your vehicle‘s location, and cut to code a new car key for your vehicle as soon as possible!

smart car key cutting

Our Car Key Cutting Service includes:

Common Car Key Cutting Services

Spare Car Key Replacement

Did you just purchase a used car that came with a signle key? If so, we can cut and programme a spare car key for almost all makes and models of vehicle.

Car Keys Repairs

Is your car key chipped, borken, or faulty? We can repair your car key and bring it to its older glory days. We'll restore its functionality with precision, in no time.

Car Keys Replacement

Experience seamless mobility with our car key replacement service. Swift, reliable, and tailored to get you back on the road with a new set of keys in no time.

Anti-Theft Security

If you've had your car stolen and retrieved, and wish to reprogram your car key to prevent thieves from coming back to your vehicle, we can do so.


Car Key Types & Pricing

For more information on the types of car key repairs and replacements we do, please refer to the table below.

Car Key Type Price
Car Keys Non-Chipped
from €15
Car Keys with Chip
from €75
Car Keys with Remote
from €150
Car Key Remote Synchronisation
from €25
Remote Car Key Refurbished
from €35
Remote Car Key Buttons Replaced
from €25
Rechargeable Car Key Batteries Replaced
from €65

All of our prices are inclusive of VAT.

Other Key Cutting Services

At Athlone Locksmith, we are renowned for our key cutting expertise and many years of experience. We offer a fast and convenient key-cutting service in Athlone and surrounding areas. We can cut keys for pretty much any purpose, including:

We also cut house keys,  window lock keys, safe keys, patio door keys, filing cabinet keys, office keys, cash box keys, and locker keys.

Get your keys cut with Athlone Locksmith.